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Chiropractor working on expenses claims tax deductions page
What expenses can chiropractors claim for tax deduction?
18th March 2019

If you’re a chiropractic clinic owner, one thing that you need to deal with every year is tax preparation. For this,…

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What do Businesses Want?
26th November 2018

We’ve seen some interesting shifts in what businesses want from the Peloton over the last 12 months. There are a lot…

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Claiming chiropractic tax relief on motor expenses
16th August 2017

There are numerous guidelines set by the Inland Revenue about what can and can’t be claimed for tax relief regarding motor…

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How do you know where your chiropractic business is going?
3rd October 2016

You started your chiropractic business because you love your job; you like helping people discover this natural treatment and you’re excited…

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