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What drives business growth and how to manage it
24th August 2017

We are delighted to announce we have been nominated for a Practice Excellence Award! We are on the shortlist for the…

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The only stupid question is the one that’s not asked
17th August 2017

Dealing with the financials of your business can seem like a maze of complicated lingo, government penalties and mind-boggling sums but,…

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34 Reasons why working in Cornwall is awesome!
4th August 2017

Cornwall is known for its beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle, but can it satisfy the needs of those hungry for a…

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Why we love working at The Peloton
25th July 2017

During an informal chat on Slack I asked the team what they like about working here. Within seconds I had lots…

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Making Tax Digital – The Start of A New Digital Era
17th July 2017

Did you know? Digital accounting records are to become Compulsory  for Everyone! It feels like a long time ago that the…

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What you can learn from a 61 year old, shuffling potato farmer from Australia
13th July 2017

Fables and childhood stories with meaning seem all the more poignant when backed up by a modern day version, this is…

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We’re hiring! Accountant – Portfolio Relationship Manager
11th July 2017

The Peloton are Chartered Accountants and Marketeers and Cornwall’s #1 Xero provider, heading for top five in the UK. We are…

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Happy Birthday, Excel!
30th September 2016

Microsoft Excel is 31 years old today! Awww. Microsoft originally launched a spreadsheet program called Multiplan in 1982, which was very…

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Mac Accounting Software
26th September 2016

The popularity of Apple computers and people looking for Mac accounting software, within small businesses has dramatically increased over the years,…

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Seven reasons why accounting software is better than Excel
19th September 2016

Many new small businesses think that Excel will suffice as a good example of accounting software. It seems like the obvious…

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Build confidence in your business today with Crunchboards.
25th August 2016

There is a wave of reform surging through accountancy at the moment, a changing of the guard you might say. It’s…

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xero gold accountants in Cornwall
Gold Partner Xero Accountant in Cornwall
12th August 2016

We’re delighted to have been awarded Gold Partner status by Xero. The Gold Partner status recognises The Peloton as expert Xero accountants in…

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The Register of PSC, we’ve got it covered.
24th June 2016

Recent new rules require private UK limited companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) to create and maintain a new public register….

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All the info on FRS102
27th May 2016

Some big changes are coming for UK accounting. FRS102 will affect many businesses in some way, shape or form. Our clients…

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Incorporation update for Barristers
13th November 2014

Barristers wanting to incorporate may have to wait a little longer. Ross Martin blogs: Incorporation update After calling the BSB on Friday…

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Mortgages and buying a house – Chicken or egg?
6th November 2014

Read on for some sound advice if you’re considering buying a house this year. Ross Martin blogs: I spoke to a…

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Time for barrister incorporation
28th August 2014

Get ready to save tax! Ross Martin blogs: It took a little while to catch up, but it’s great news for…

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Tax planning is far from dead!
15th July 2014

A ‘Win’ for Rangers & Tax Planning Tax planning has been getting a LOT of bad press recently, however we know…

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30th June 2014

Gifts Sue Fleet-Chapman blogs… It’s nice to receive; it’s even nicer to give. When you give a gift, you expect the gift…

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Social Investment Tax Relief
13th June 2014

Social Investment Tax Relief Phil Pugh blogs… In the 2013 budget announced by the Conservatives, a social investment tax relief (SITR)…

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Cars – your options
2nd June 2014

Cars! What are your options? Michelle Rowe blogs… I don’t pretend to know anything about cars … as long as it…

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