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Time for a fresh look at your business

Business can be a tough place. We started with a great idea, loads of energy and a huge amount of passion. Late nights, early mornings we took in our stride. We were making progress, or at least we thought we were. Then, after a while we realise that some of the fun and excitement of running our own business has been replaced by endless emails, phone calls, compliance, people issues. Wait a minute, I didn’t sign up for all this, I’m the business owner – if anyone should be having fun it should be me. Sound familiar?

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What is Business Wild?

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“I feel much more confident about my success” – Hannah, un_rap

Not your average Business Consultancy

This is where Business Wild comes in. It’s a chance for you to take a fresh look at the way you do business. And when we say fresh, we mean fresh – outdoors, on the cliffs, on a footpath. So we thought that if you had the chance to take a long walk with a clear destination in mind and talk about nothing but your business it would give you a chance to address many of the issues that you don’t get time to do because you are simply too busy being busy. We certainly don’t like the word consultancy, we like to think this is a one to one analysis of your business. A deconstruction of each element. The chance to put it back together but this time with a clear idea of what you want it all to look like when it’s done. So it’s the most simple idea in the world, it’s about going for a walk, talking a lot about your business and coming away with a plan for what you want to do and where you are going.

And if you think about it, the whole walk is a metaphor for business. You take one step at a time, there will be ups and downs, you start not only with a clear destination in mind, but a clear idea of when you want to get there (and given that the destination will be a great pub with great food you can be pretty sure you will put in the effort to make it happen).

How much does Business Wild cost?

It’s Free. Ok, but what is the catch? None – maybe you pick up your share of lunch? Or maybe you make a plan that’s so compelling, that you are so excited about getting on with, but don’t quite know how, and that’s why you are looking for help? That’s where we come in, and that sounds like a win: win. Helping businesses grow/develop/sell whatever; it’s what we do and we’d like to think we do it really well. But it’s not compulsory by any means, if you don’t make a plan or are happy to find your own way, that’s fine by us. But if the plan means a great deal to you and you want someone to kick you up the backside to make sure you get it done – no more excuses, no more ‘yeah-buts’ – then we’re in, and we’ll make it really worthwhile – guaranteed.

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How do I take part and get my business moving again?

So what’s the worse that could happen? A great walk? A great lunch? A newly focused exciting business? You choose. We look forward to hearing from you.

Let us have some details about you and we can look at taking the next steps.

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