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We love it when our clients hit the papers.

Laura Murray was featured in The Sun newspaper this week since she launched the online firm ‘The Size Experts’ last year.

Laura had started selling super-size undies from a market stall in 2016 but decided to go it alone as knickers she ordered from the net were usually not big enough.

big bloomers hanging up underwear

Picture: Co-worker Helen Garnett.

Laura says: “All these retailers were saying they did really big-size knickers but, when I bought them, they were much smaller than the size advertised. Often they were entirely the wrong shape so in the end we decided to manufacture them.


big bloomers in the sun newspaper

They have sold more than 1,000 pairs of size 50s, said she wanted to focus solely on bigger undies so sizes start at 18. Laura wanted to offer comfortable, well-fitting underwear designed for the specific physical and medical needs of super plus size women.

Picture: co-workers Helen Garnett & Sally Roberts.

The Size Experts are based in Penryn, and we’re thrilled that they are doing so well.

If you haven’t already click here to check them out.

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