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It’s at this time of year that we often get enquiries from people looking for a new accountant because they’ve just received a whacking great bill annual bill from their current accountant, and it was a lot more than they were expecting. At The Peloton we offer a fixed fee monthly subscription, here are what we see as the main benefits:

Cash flow

Whatever the size of your business, cash flow needs to be closely managed. This is difficult to do when some invoices are monthly and some are annual and even more of a nightmare if you’re not even sure how much you’re going to owe. We make it simple by charging the same amount every month.


Fixed monthly fees also make budgeting a lot easier. You know what you owe and can therefore budget effectively.

No hidden costs

Fixed fee means fixed fee so you don’t need to worry that you’re going to get an unexpected bill from your accountant. The costs are known upfront – no nasty surprises.

Unlimited advice and assistance

It’s a common complaint about accountants that you ring up for a simple bit of advice or a quick question and next thing you know there’s a bill in the post that you weren’t expecting. With fixed fee pricing you can have unlimited advice and assistance because it’s all part of your monthly cost.


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