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By: Mike Hutchinson

Needs and Wants at Christmas
13th December 2018

I guess it’s the fact that Christmas is once again just around the corner that made my mind turn to the…

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How about a Business Coach?
12th December 2018

How about a Business Coach? Having a New Year just around the corner can make you stop and think about the…

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What do Businesses Want?
26th November 2018

We’ve seen some interesting shifts in what businesses want from the Peloton over the last 12 months. There are a lot…

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How will Brexit Affect Dentists?
15th October 2018

I’ve been tasked with writing a note about what impact Brexit could have on dentistry. To be honest it sent me…

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When is the right time to scale my business?
17th September 2018

That’s a great question, and there are several answers, some of which depend on where you are in your business life…

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Should I use Xero or Free Agent for my cloud accounting? A non-biased review…honest.
3rd September 2018

I’ve been banging on for ages about ‘the revolution in accountancy’, largely brought on by technology, and specifically in the realm…

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Should an Associate Dentist be a limited company?
2nd August 2018

This is a big question and the answer can often be influenced by many factors, some financial, some non-financial. Let’s have…

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Is it the end for self employed associate dentists?
30th July 2018

This cage was rattled a few weeks ago when HMRC first contacted a number of dentists potentially challenging their self-employed status….

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Having Trouble Recruiting? How to Solve the Recruitment Crisis
25th July 2018

If there is one conversation that’s being repeated over and over again (not just with clients) it has to be around…

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How to manage growth within your business
15th June 2018

Oh my god, don’t get me onto ‘managing growth’, this has to be my all time favourite subject and I could…

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xero remote cloud accounting on holiday
How you can work with us from anywhere in the World. Probably.
7th June 2018

The danger now, is that we head off into an article that was probably written about 10 years ago regaling the…

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Accountants – aren’t we interesting?
16th April 2018

Let’s face it, as Accountants we’re boring, or at least perceived to be boring. And given that perception is more important…

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Five reasons NOT to become a Limited Company
6th March 2018

I sometimes dread the limited company question. It often starts with… mate / financial advisor / father-in-law / bloke at the garage…

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Thinking of starting a new business? Read this.
13th February 2018

If you are thinking of starting in business, then there are a few things that you must do, and some that…

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Why it’s okay to get it wrong
23rd January 2018

How do you benchmark your own performance or achievements? Is it Linkedin? You gauge your success against the number of people…

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The world’s strongest and most expensive beer and getting out of your comfort zone
19th July 2017

I’m still reeling after picking up a copy of Brew Dog’s – Business for Punks! It’s a great read and those…

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