In an age where almost everything is digital, why are we still bogged down by paper?

It occurred to me today while I was opening the post that so much of what we do is digital (although there are of course some things that still require paper copies), but we still seem to not trust that digital system fully that it will be read or opened and not lost. When do we put our full trust into technology and not have a physical paper copy of a document and have it on the cloud or elsewhere.

At The Peloton we aim to be a completely paperless office, our work is cloud based accounting and we do things like digital signing and have a digital filing cabinet.

As an environmentally conscious business we want there to be as little paper as possible and I think we achieve this pretty well although there is always room for improvement. We seem to still have some post delivered and paperwork around so in the coming months we will be trying to work out more ways that we can save the trees and have less of the white stuff in our office.

This will start with opting to receive online bills rather than paper ones. Not printing unless we have to (something we already quite good at) and printing double sided (something we are not as good at) and reusing things like envelopes where possible.

If you have any ideas about how we can improve, then please let us know at