You wouldn’t think that an accountancy firm would have a large proportion of non accountants, but at The Peloton we do! We feel this is vital for the service we offer to our clients. Our number one goal is to make every client feel welcome whether it is at lunch with us as a team, on the end of the phone, or in a meeting. We therefore make sure that there is someone to welcome you through the door right up to helping with complicated accounting questions.

My job, as a non accountant (!), is varied and that is what I love. Some of my roles include keeping the office tidy, greeting clients, doing the weekly food order and planning team events. I enjoy being the person that means that the rest of the team can provide the best possible service. Whatever part you play in this office you feel just as important as everyone else in the team and I value that massively.

The extra steps and effort that go into making the employee and clients feel welcome at The Peloton include eating a freshly cooked lunch together every day to which clients are invited, always having proper coffee on offer with a milk to suit every dietary requirement, and a vast selection of snacks! The chairs are supportive and comfy and large desks create a lovely work space. All of these factors make an atmosphere I’m sure most businesses aim for.

Something I have noticed since being at The Peloton is how much more efficient and enjoyable being at work is when you have the right programmes and systems in place to do your job. We are constantly on the look out of ways to improve these and we invest in the best technology, this is a focus for us to make the processes as efficient as possible for us and the client.

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