We take great pride in the work that we do for our customers.
We take even greater pride in reading their testimonials.

I really like Paycircle, Thank you to the Peloton for dragging us into the 21st Century!!

Jan, Fal Fire Protection

Turnaround on our monthly payroll is impressively fast, aided by some great pieces of technology that are always evolving to improve service and user understanding. All of which has lead to very happy staff here at the chiro London team as they are all paid on time!

Drew – The Berkeley Clinic - Head of all things

Not your usual stuffy accountants!  Forward thinking, nice, honest people who don’t just do numbers and always up for sharing a glass of wine and a packet of crisps at the end of the day! We can’t thank them enough for continually helping us drive our business forward

Tash Fillingham, Dentist Salisbury - Clinic Owner

During our search for a local accounting practice we had a number of conversations with a range of accountants across The Duchy. A friend recommended that we should get in touch with The Peloton… After we visited The Peloton in Penryn, we were extremely impressed by the professionalism, energy and warmth we felt from Hutch and the team. Since then, The Peloton has gone above and beyond their call of duty in helping our business grow…  I would recommend The Peloton not just as an accounting practice but as a four dimensional business consultancy.

Tom Pugh-Jones - Co-Founder, Progress People

The team are responsive, good humoured, forward thinking and precise in their approaches to our accounting and complement this with a very bold and honest approach to assessing our business performance. We appreciate this approach, as there is NEVER any point in hiding from the real truths of our financial performance.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the Peloton team to anyone looking for a competent, responsive and people friendly accountancy company.

Charlie Fox at Hartley Dental - Practice Owner

We have been clients of The Peloton since 2008 and are constantly impressed by the level of professionalism, advice and support. The ‘smiley-faced’ team’s proactive approach and positive attitude in solving technical problems has been extremely beneficial to us. We also like the fact that Mike Hutch looks like a pirate, but doesn’t sound like an accountant.

Ali & Tim at Illume Dental - Practice Owners

We’ve been meeting with the Peloton team for almost a year and our monthly visits have really helped to provide a better structure to our business. We’re more focused now on what works and leaving behind the things that don’t. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Peloton team and their support to our business is second to none!

Paul at Marnick Roofing - Director

Hutch and the team are like my super domestiques, working hard at the front of the peloton to shelter me from the fierce Belgian cross winds, allowing me to remain fresh and reserve my energy for the fast approaching finish line. They do all the hard work and peel off just as the line arrives, I appear from the pack and cross the line first taking all the glory, but never forgetting to give praise for the hard work that my team mates have done to get me there.

Craig at Putney Chiropractic Centre - Owner

What a find! A forward thinking and stimulating accountancy firm! The Peloton matches our ‘out of the mould’ approach to our business.

Sharon at Chelsea House - Owner

Having used Mike Hutchinson as our accountant since he first joined Kelsall Steele we are very familiar with his style. The Peloton is an extension of that style and we very much appreciate the imaginative ideas and approach that the team bring to accountancy, so often a dry subject. It is very good to know that members of the Peloton team will make every effort to familiarise themselves with the business so the advice is relevant, and there is a good dose of humour which always helps.

Dixon Health and Peter Dixon Consultancy Ltd - Directors of Dixon Health and Peter Dixon Consultancy Ltd

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