It’s a weird time. An exceptional time. A crazy time. Yet it has one common denominator……time. It is possible that this period may turn out to be the greatest gift any of us will be ever be given in our business lives – time. We are all so busy. So busy being important, so busy doing the same old thing – way too busy to do the thing we really want to do because we just don’t have the time. Work gets in the way, the great plan is always just around the corner, but we can’t get to it because we are just too busy.

Time and Money

And yet there is a paradox here that I have been party to. It’s about time and money, and I’ve been guilty of loading fuel on the fire, sorry about that. But, I know for virtually all of us there is a great deal of fear around just now, fearful that the money will run out. And that is hardly surprising, because without any shadow of doubt we will all experience financial pressure. We become fearful because we believe money is a finite resource. There’s only so much of it to go round, and only so much of it will come our way. But here’s the thing (and this may be the last time you ever read any of these emails, but it’s worth the risk) the reality is money is an infinite resource. There is more money out there than you and I, and everyone we know, could ever want. And now more than ever.

And whilst we live in fear that the money will run out, we somehow believe that time is an infinite resource. It is in a way. We go about our business putting off today what we can do tomorrow, keeping our head down and chasing the £, recording the profits and the losses, and yet not keeping a proper log of our time, and making sure we get the very best from each and every hour. It’s as if we attribute no ‘value’ to it, so we don’t plan what we want to do with it. In fact, whilst we can all think of infinite ways to make more money, there is no (earth bound) way to make more time. We only have so much sand in our glass, and it hasn’t stopped since you’ve been reading this.

But hey, this isn’t meant to be morbid, this is meant to be about making sure we prepare all the budgets we need to prepare – so that means one for the cash and one for time. And here’s how I would do it;


If we could press control-alt-delete in our business, what ‘programs’ would we re-load and what would we not bother with? The fact is, like so much of life, we put up with numerous tolerations – things that drive us nuts, consume an inordinate amount of time in proportion to their importance to our business, square pegs in round holes – and yet we tolerate them. They are like stones in our shoe that we are just too busy or not prepared to confront. Well, guess what? Now’s the time. This is the gift that we have been given – whilst the phone is not ringing, whilst the emails are not piling in, whilst someone is not saying ‘hey, you gotta minute?’ Now is the time to revisit what we do, but with the magical benefit of all that hindsight that we have accumulated over the years. This period is remarkable that for many (clearly not all); we have some time, some peace, to reflect on what we do. And in so doing properly evaluate what we will do going forward.

In all honesty, it’s not if we could press control-alt-delete – we are pressing control-alt-delete (or someone has pressed it for us) and our businesses are re-booting. You are in control as regards to how that business looks when this is all over. You’re completely entitled to make it look just like it did before this all started, or you can consider how life looks for you moving forward, and how your business needs to feature in that. You don’t (necessarily) need to make massive changes, but you do need to use this period to make a plan, learning from everything you have learnt so far, and understand which tolerations you are going to delete. Don’t just sit there with your mouth open, waiting for a duck to fly in. Take action.


I’m hoping, if nothing else, you find this thought provoking. And I genuinely see this as the most remarkable gift that we could ever be given in our business lives, and better still, it’s being given to everyone in business, all over the World. They are all having this time just now too and they are ‘kind of’ not interrupting you. So use this precious time wisely, today is almost over. It’s a long weekend approaching and tomorrow is a blank canvas.

I am really happy to hear your thoughts on this, I’m happy to be wrong, but more than anything I (and my whole team) are here to help you in whatever way we can. Contact details below – please do not hesitate, at anytime, to get in touch.

I’ll leave you with a quote stolen, unashamedly, from Charlie Mackesy ‘One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things’.

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