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We all say that we don’t have enough time; yet if you think about it, we all have the same amount of time as Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking; and look what they managed to achieve.  

Here at The Peloton we know that time is precious, so we’ve put together our Top 7 Tips To Improve Time Management so we work smarter, not harder. 

·         Prioritize – Make sure you identify the most crucial tasks. Work on finishing the essential first before moving onto other things. We love the Franklin Covey letter and number method: anything urgent gets an A next to it, quite important gets a B etc etc. Then you number each group of letters so that you end up an A1 task (the absolute must do thing), A2 task, B1 task – you get the picture!

·         Learn to say no – We all like to lend a helping hand, however sometimes, we need to learn when to say no. Over-committing can lead to tasks being missed or done badly.

·         Block out distractions – if you work in an office then get those headphones in if you’re struggling to concentrate. Or even better just remove yourself – ask to work from home or even your local library.  

·         Organize systems – Make sure that documents are filed so they can easily be found. Write down important dates and meetings on a calendar so they can’t be missed. Unsubscribe from email chains that aren’t important. An organized life leads to an organized mind. 

·         Create daily, weekly and monthly goals – It’s good to plan ahead, and have goals to work towards. This enables you to keep track of progress and what you may need to do to improve. 

·         Be early for meetings – When we target to be on time, we are normally bang on time, or late (more often). Try and target yourself to be at least ten minutes early for meetings, or change your watch so that it’s a few minutes early.

·         Take care of yourself – Whilst work is very important, it is also imperative to have some down time. Leave some time aside to get at least 7 hours of sleep, eat healthy, exercise, and spend time with family and friends. 

If you find that you’re juggling tasks and don’t have enough time then we are here to help with our Cornwall based business coaching. Find out how we can take some of the stuff off your plate leaving you more time to do what you want to do.