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Apps can make the world of difference in your personal and professional life. At The Peloton we’re all about efficiency and we’ll often be heard saying: “you know there’s an app for that?”. Here are our number one go-to mobile phone apps:   

City Mapper – Everyone in the office agreed that City Mapper was a god send when having to plan a journey in London.  

“I think I really like about city mapper even if you don’t know the precise address you can simply put in the business name and it will find it from either your current location or some other place you are travelling from.  It’s completely indispensable for me in London when I’m having to get around and helps me know how long it will get there when I set my arrival time.” – Mike Hutchinson, Founder. 

Available for the iPhone, Android devices and on the web, Citymapper is also completely free.  

Uber – Hailing a cab isn’t exactly difficult to do, but it sure can be a pain when you try and try but just can’t get a cab driver’s attention. Uber helps take a lot of inconveniences like this out of the traditional ways of taking a cab.   

“You can get estimate of fares, you can have invoices sent to whom ever you are making expense claim, you can see how many uber’s are around and how long it will take you to get a cab.” – Mike Hutchinson, Founder.  

Available for the iPhone, Android devices and on the web. Uber is also free.  

Monzo – Monzo is a smart bank for the smartphone generation which does away with things like bricks and mortar branches, cheque books and the like; instead it hinges around an app. The Monzo card is a pre-paid MasterCard debit card. This means you don’t get a bank account, or a sort code or account number for things like Direct Debits and Standing Orders.  

“I really enjoy using Monzo to help me with my spending, you can top up the card and use it at cash points, online or in-store” – Catherine Bickness, Chief of Staff.  

Cam Scanner – Cam Scanner is one of the best apps to date for scanning and sharing documents. All you need to do to scan a document is take a picture of it through the app. 

“Cam Scanner is a really smart way of turning a rubbish photo from your phone into a scanned document. It has various modes including passport scanning etc.” – Ben Ackner, Chartered Accountant is a web-forward to-do list manager, with apps for Android and iOS, a Chrome app and extension, and a webapp. 

“The reason I love Anydo is because wherever I am I can put something on the list and I know I won’t lose it / forget to do it. You can also cross things off the list by swiping. This is so satisfying! You can also organise the list into today, tomorrow, upcoming and sometime and it will automatically update. It’s easy to set alerts and you can easily turn them off it they ever get annoying.” – Anna Carthew, Marketing Manager  

Xero – Xero is one of the market’s favourite financial collaboration apps. This system is designed to meet the requirements of small businesses regardless of their industry, and is often qualified by accountants as the ‘handiest asset for managing financial activities’. 

“Xero is super friendly and usable. Even users with no accounting knowledge find it easy to manage, as it transforms complicated accounting concepts into something much easier.” – Catherine Bicknell, Chief of Staff  

Here at The Peloton, we are Xero Gold Partners and cloud software specialists. For more information click here.

Slack – Slack is a messaging service that brings all of your communication together in one place.  It offers real-time messaging and you can have all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. 

If you would like to know more about our time using Slack, then check out our blog post “Slack, A Benefit Or A Distraction?