A review by Mike Hutch

Definitely in my top 10, in fact top 3. Kurt has charged me with reviewing in 50 words. Impossible, but if I had to do it in one word, it would simply be ‘compulsory’. To be honest, its a far easier to listen on audio.

I don’t pretend I can do any justice to the book, but should you wish to know what the 7 Habits are;

    • be proactive – life is not about chance, take control
    • begin with the end in mind – what is your goal?
    • do the first things first – you can’t do everything, but what you do do, ensure it is important
    • think win-win – think co-operate
    • seek first to understand before being understood – communicate is mostly the art of listening
    • synergise – work with others to find solutions
    • sharpen the saw – don’t forget ‘you’ in all of this

I can’t recommend it highly enough, and its compulsory reading for all business owners. Buy it on Audio now