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Quality care, secure data and administrative efficiency are vital to the success of a dental practice. Employing the right technology will save both time and money – freeing staff to concentrate on what matters – patient experience and growing the business.

But why switch to the cloud? Why not continue to use your office-based server in the same way that you’ve always done? As specialist dental accountants, we believe that dentists have a lot to gain from a transition to the cloud. Not convinced? Here are five solid financial reasons to make the switch.

What is cloud computing?

Traditionally, businesses had servers in their office and a ‘network’ to connect computers. Data was stored on the server and ‘backups’ were run every night.

In contrast, a cloud-based model allows you to store your data, in real time, on a cloud host via the internet. Using the Cloud, you no longer need a server or network in your office.

Looking for real-time data on patient appointments or financials? Want to collect data to analyse year-on-year results? As long as you have an internet connection you can get remote access to your entire business, anywhere and anytime you choose.

There are many cloud-based packages. At The Peloton, our accountants researched all the options before switching to the cloud-based accountancy platform called ‘Xero’. Want to know why, as specialist dental accountants, our team arrived at this decision? We’ll explain why we think dentists should use Xero.

Why should dentists move to the Cloud?

Many dental practices are moving to the Cloud to streamline their business and meet compliance regulations. Here are the five main reasons we recommend that dentists should make the switch:

1. No endless upgrades and associate expenses
Cloud-based software installs upgrades overnight, while you’re sleeping, with minimum disruption to the working day. What’s more, you don’t pay extra for the upgrades and enhancements; they’re all part of a monthly subscription.

2. Available whenever you need it, wherever you are
Cloud-based software is available wherever you have an internet connection, on any device.

3. Forget the backups
Remember sticking a tape drive into your server every evening and then wondering if you actually did it or not? When you’re using cloud software, everything is backed-up automatically by the company providing the service, in a much more secure environment than you could ever afford on your own.

4. No Expensive Network Servers or Database Software.
Using cloud software, you don’t need to purchase, maintain or upgrade those expensive computers that you then hide in a stationery cupboard. If you have access to the internet, you have access to your software and files — no server required!

5. No Up-front Software Fees.
Just pay monthly as you use the software. You won’t be charged major up-front software license fees or annual software upgrade fees. But you know what? The savings aren’t immediately visible. Run a quick analysis based on what you’re currently paying and you’ll quickly become a believer in the cloud.

Want to know more about moving your dental practice to a cloud-based system like Xero? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you.

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