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1. Create a Customer Referral Program 

There is nothing more influential than a recommendation from a trusted source. A referral programme is a great way to attract new business and thank your existing customers at the same time. At The Peloton our Referral Scheme is simple – If you refer a new client to The Peloton, we’ll thank you with a month’s free accounts, for both of you.

2. Embrace Social Media

Set up business accounts for all the big players – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. Think about what you want to use each one for – sharing useful tips, relevant industry news or simply showing the more relaxed side of your business are good places to start. Remember that social media is about listening too – follow people or businesses you like, find inspirational or want to be associated with and then engage with their content.

3. Don’t forget about LinkedIn

Often seen as the more serious social media channel, LinkedIn is a great platform for promoting your business and is often under-utilized. Set up a business page and make sure all of your employees are also on it.  Regularly post or share content through the business page and ask your team to share these posts on their own profiles too.

4. Publish great content – and then share it

Even if you don’t enjoy writing too much, it’s likely there’s at least one person in your team who does. Blog articles don’t have to be long, aim for a 1-5 minute read. Try to answer the questions your customers often ask, or you think they should ask. Tips, top 10 lists and 5 of the best are good places to start. Once you’ve written an article put it on your blog and then share the link via your social media channels in order to drive traffic to your website.

5. Create a helpful or fun video

Video is great because it’s engaging and can get a large amount of information across in a short amount of time. It’s not just about the content – where it’s shot, who’s involved and how they come across all contribute to the positioning your business. If you can afford a professional film then brilliant, but if not then just shoot a quick vid from your phone and get it online. An honest, relaxed little clip can often be more appealing than a corporate one.

6. Don’t be scared to copy or reuse

If you don’t have the time or motivation to create your own engaging content then find it online. Google the sort of thing you want to write about and guaranteed you’ll find a whole host of articles that you can use as inspiration or rehash to make your own in a fraction of the time.

7. Run a competition

You don’t have to spend masses of money on a prize but try and make it something that your target marketing might want. Think about what data you want to ask people for when they sign up – at the very least you’ll want their email address so that you can add them to your mailing list. Promote the competition wherever you can – on your website, social media channels, and any public facing areas of your business.

8. Team up

Work with other businesses in your area or brands that align nicely with yours. You could organise an event together, offer each other prizes for competitions or run a joint webinars. This is an opportunity to reinforce your brand by associating yourself with a complimentary business and it also opens up a whole new potential client base.

9. Get involved with local events

This could be sponsoring a local event or donating a prize for a local contest, both great opportunities to raise brand awareness in your area. It’s likely that the local press might also be interested in this type of story so make sure you let them know.

10. Apply for Business Awards

Most industries have business awards you can enter, and hopefully win! The process of writing the application doesn’t have to take long and can be a really useful exercise to focus a team on what’s great about your business. Once you’ve written one entry it’s likely that you can reuse most of the content to enter another award. If you win then talk about this on your social media channels and include a ‘badge’ on your website, being recognised for what you do adds credibility.

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